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The Roll Academy

Are you looking for a unique and fun experience? Showcase your skills and learn how to make Rolled Ice Cream! The Roll Academy is a Rolled Ice Cream Crafting Class that will leave you feeling like an experienced, master roller. 

We begin the class by educating you on the history of Rolled Ice Cream. Then, we teach you the proper techniques and give a live demonstration. Now, it’s your turn! You’ll receive side by side coaching as you’re handcrafting your Ice Cream. 

You’ll have the option to handcraft a flavor already on our menu or the option to create your own custom flavor! With tons of flavor combinations and toppings, including vegan and gluten free options, you’ll be able to make and enjoy your own delicious, creamy, custom ice cream rolls handcrafted by YOU!

  • Unique, Interactive Activity (A distinctive offering that encourages engagement, laughter and bonding amongst party)

  • Learn a new skill (A symbolic memory to share)

  • Cute photo-ops (Candid and fun photographs/videos as you’re creating the product. NUMEROUS Instagram-worthy moments) 

  • Delicious Rewards (The satisfaction of enjoying a treat made with your own hands adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the event)

  • Versatile Options (Inclusive for all attendees: dairy-free and gluten-free options)

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